Spectra Park

Spectra Park is at the edge of the Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT. A new developing apartment complex for which we performed the renovation of 18 apartment and converted 13 apartments as well as upgraded the lobby , built a new gym and game room.

100 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT

The Details

Renovations to 18 apartments (kitchen upgrade, bathroom upgrade), main lobby, basement, game room, and new gym. Conversion of 13 apartments to 1 studio &1 bedroom apartments. Painting all corridors and installation of vertical design, and all apartment doors.

Installation of 156 kitchen cabinets and all interior pre-finches doors, all amenity space furniture, 190 wardrobe closets. Labor and material for painting all interiors of the apartment (including lobby, lease office, etc.)

2018 – 2020

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